MTA’s Calming Duo: shoulder pad and small lap pad

This calming combo is sure to delight children as well as assist with concentration. The Calming Shoulder Pad and The Calming Small Lap Pad make a great sensory team!

Modern Teaching Aids –

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The Adventures of Kenzie Moo

A true story inspired by Author Tanya Savva’s daughter, Mackenzie, who lives with blindness. Through her adventures, Kenzie-Moo encourages you to see the world in a way that you’ve never seen before. A truly heart-warming adventure!

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Moochies Smartphone Watch for Kids and GPS Tracker

Who hasn’t had a heart-stopping moment when in the blink of an eye, your child is no longer by your side. With the Moochies Smartphone Watch, you can keep tabs on them easily, keeping them safe and you sane! It can receive voice, text and photo messages, as well as sending voice messages and photos. Using a parent-controlled contact list, you and your child can quickly communicate! The Moochies Smartphone Watch works in exactly the same way as your smartphone does. It has a built-in sim card which allows you to make and receive calls and use the GPS features of the watch.

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Learning Can Be Fun pack

This fun and engaging ‘Learning Can Be Fun’ pack contains:

Dinosaur Reward Chart

Fairy Reward Chart

Alphabet Flash Cards

Multiplication Flash Cards

Australia is Fun Placemat

Colours Are Fun Placemat

Poster Numbers Are Fun

Poster Healthy Eating

My First Puzzle – Numbers 1 to 15

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