We were fortunate to speak exclusively with world-renowned autism clinician, Professor Tony Attwood who has partnered with us to produce a series of practical videos for parents, teachers and carers covering a variety of key topics including: What to do during a meltdown; When to tell your child about their diagnosis; How to find your child allies at school; Strategies to help build your child’s emotional awareness and Identifying the signs of anxiety.

Latest videos

What is autism? What signs should I look for in my child?
What are the key differences between autistic boys & girls?
Why are autistic girls so under-diganosed?
What are the long-term implications of Masking & Imitation?
Dealing with the anxiety of my child’s future.
Anxiety – what signs should I be looking for in my child?
How do I tell my child about their diagnosis?
How to tell my child’s classmates about their diagnosis?
How can I help my child make friends?
Processing your own emotions after diagnosis
What does a meltdown feel like?
How can I support my child during a meltdown?
How can I tell when meltdowns are coming?
What are some common myths about autism?
Is diagnosis really that important to get?
How can we make therapy more effective?
How to start appreciating the gifts of autism
How common is it for a parent to be diagnosed also?
Trust your gut if you think your child may be autistic

More videos coming soon…

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